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Borgarnes is the largest coastal community in Iceland, which does not depend on fishing for livelihood. Throughout the 20th century the town, a former trading post, has served the farmers in the nearby counties. A great number of summerhouses are in the region so the population in the area multiplies during summer calling for a variety of services.

borgarnes-inelandBorgarnes is situated by the bay Borgarfiord at the glacial river’s Hvita estuary. In the seventies a bridge over the estuary and part of the bay was built and road no.1 now goes through town resulting in an increase in tourism, which again increased by the construction of a tunnel under The Whale Bay, the Whale Bay, and thus shortening the distance from Reykjavik by 42 kilometres.

There are many attractive places within a short distance of Borgarnes, hot springs, magnificent waterfalls, great salmon rivers, and numerous lakes with excellent trout fishing. Travellers are equally drawn to the rivers and lakes due to their spectacular beauty. Hotels and restaurants in Borgarnes offer a variety of services and a good camping place is within the town’s limits. Guided tours of the area are offered during summer, and golf and pony trekking are very popular to name but few of the attractions this quiet and friendly town offers. The distance from Reykjavik is 74 km by the Whale Bay tunnel.

Birdwatching and naturewatching in Iceland - A unique adventure

puffinBird- and naturewatching in  Iceland, Snaefellsnes penisula, on a boat in a unique landscape beteen the thousand islands of the Breidafjördurfjord. Experience a lot of different birdkinds like puffins, cormorans, the white tailed eagle, kittiwakes and more.
See islands with incredilble basaltforms and taste scallops and sea urchin fresh from the sea. Two trips daily from Stykkishólmur during the summertime 1st of June until 31st of August 2006 and sometimes offseason tours.

» Seatours Stykkisholmur

Haunted Walks Reykjavik Iceland

Icelandic Haunted Walks offers a variety of unique historical Sightseeing walking tours in downtown Reykjavik, Iceland.
We are best known for our tours of local ghost stories and "darker" history which are presented in the evening, when the lights are still bright and the atmosphere is just right for a good ghost story.

» Haunted Iceland Website

Snjofell at Arnarstapi

Arnarstapi boats unbelievable natural beauty, rugged shore cliffs and abundant bird life.
Nearby are a wealth of caves, volcanic craters chasms and fantastic lava formations.
Here is also an ideal place to enjoy the unique, mysterious and dynamic spectrum of the Northern lights, Aurora Borealis, an unforgettable experience.

» Snjofell at Arnarstapi

Brimilsvellir Horse Vacation

Brimilsvellir is situated alongside the sea, surrounded by wonderful mountains and it is one of the largest estates in the North of Snæfellsnes.
The history of this plot of ground goes back to the times of the land acquisition and still now countless ruins of old peat houses throw light on the lives of Iceland´s inhabitants back in time.
Nowadays, we use the wide pastures for our horses which here have plenty of space to grow up.

Even if you are not devoted to horses and riding, you are always welcome at Brimilsvellir. Our horse farm is the right place for you to relax  and gain new strength. Numerous scenic routes and trails invite you to joyous walks and hikes. There is no doubt that you will leave Brimilsvellir revitalized and full of new health, vigor and spirit

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Seakayak Iceland

Seakayak Iceland operates from the town of Stykkishólmur and city of Reykjavík and also runs trips on Breiðafjörður, Jökulfirðir ( Glaciar fiords ), Hornstrandir on the western fiords, Greenland, Mediterranien and more locations.

They are ambitious to deliver seakayak trips and courses of an high standard suitable for each and every individual, along with outfitting and selling kayak equipment online.

Detailed informations about our services are on their website and do not hesitate to contact them, they appreaciate all request and try to reply promptly.

» Seakayak Iceland

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HotelStykkisholmurAt Hotel Borgarnes every room has a spectacular view. The hotel has 75 newly renovated rooms, all equipped with private facilities. TV, telephones and hairdryers.